This commands are slash commands. You can use slash commands by typing / in the message field

Name Usage Descritption Permissions
invite invite Get the invite link for the bot None
server server Get the link for our Support server None
contact contact [type] [your message] Contact the developer/owner anonymously None
vote vote Support Luigi by voting for him None
update update Get the latest news from our support server None
botinfo botinfo See botstats and more None
channelinfo channelinfo #channel Get infos about a channel None
userinfo userinfo @user Get infos about an user None
serverinfo serverinfo Get infos about a server None
iban iban [IBAN number] Checks if the given IBAN is correct None
poll poll [your poll] Creates a yes/no poll with analytics and a chart for you None
bugreport bugreport [your bug] Reports a bug to the developer None
suggest suggest [your suggestion] Suggest something for the bot None
Name Usage Descritption Permissions
logchannel logchannel [#channel] Sets the log channel to send logs in. Use None as channel to disable logs Manage server
purge purge [limit] (@user) Deletes the last [limit] messages (from a user) Manage messages
kick kick @user (optional Reason) Kicks the user Kick members
ban ban @user (optional Reason) Bans the user Ban users
muterole muterole [@role/role-id] Sets the muterole for the server Manage roles
mute mute [@user/user-id] Mutes the user Manage roles
unmute ummute [@user/user-id] Unmutes the user Manage roles
warn warn [@user/user-id] [reason] Warns the user Manage roles
warnings warnings[@user/user-id] See all warnings the user recieved Manage roles
removewarning removewarning [warning-id] Removes the warning Manage roles
config config See the server settings Manage server
Name Usage Descritption Permissions
apod apod Show the Astronomical Picture of the Day None
neo neo Shows Near Earth Objects None
rover rover See a rover image from the mars None
iss iss Sends the current position of the ISS None
astros astros Shows all humans that are currently in space None
element element [element name] Get infos about an element of the periodic table None
symbol symbol [element symbol] Get infos about an element with the given symbol of the periodic table None
Name Usage Descritption Permissions
buy buy [item] (quantity) Buy an item None
sell sell [item] (quantity) Sell an item None
market market Shows all items you can buy None
inventory inventory Shows all your items None
catch catch Go fishing and find a treasure with a bit luck! None
dig dig Go mining and maybe find diamonds None
money money (optional @user) Shows the bank balance None
work work Work every 24h to get money None
transfer transfer @user [transfer sum] Give your friends some money None
roll roll [A/B] [Investment] Casino Time! You can win or lose your Investment None
Name Usage Descritption Permissions
mcinfo mcinfo [Minecraft username] Get infos about a Minecraft account None
hypixel hypixel [Minecraft username] Get hypixel stats like last recent game, first login and more None
bedwars bedwars [Minecraft username] See hypixel bedwars stats like Games played, Wins, Kills and more None
Name Usage Descritption Permissions
create create (optional userlimit) Creates you a voicechannel, that is automatically deleted when it's empty None
disconnect disconnect @User Disconnects an user from your voicechannel None
set set [Categorie Name] Set the categorie, where the bot will create the user voicechannels Administrator