Terms of Service

These are the Terms of Service that you accept by using Luigi (the bot in the following).
The developer and owner of Luigi (the owner in the following) makes sure that all stored data is handled in agreement with the Privacy Policy.

  1. The owner is not responsible for anything that users do with the bot.
  2. The users should not spam the bot, e.g. via the suggesting or bug reporting feature. This could end in blacklisting.
  3. The owner assumes no responsibility for external links or external services used in the bot. This includes the content and the functionality.
  4. The users should not break the Discord ToS and Guidelines using the bot.
  5. This website with all images and logos are subject to copyright of the owner.

Privacy Policy

  1. Stored data for servers:
    1. Server-ID
    2. Muterole-ID
    3. Logchannel-ID
    4. User-Voicechannel Categorie-ID
    5. Leveling setting
    6. Warnings:
      1. ID of the warned member
      2. ID of the moderator who warned the member
      3. Reason of the warning
      4. Date of the warning
      5. Server-ID
  2. Stored data for users:
    1. The User-ID
    2. Leveling-Data [Could be more then one entry per user]
      This includes:
      1. The guild ID
      2. The level of the user for the guild ID
      3. the xp of the user for the guild ID
      4. The time when the user last recieved xp in the guild
    3. Game-Data
      This includes:
      1. The users inventory
      2. The time when the user used the last time a command with a cooldown
  3. Stored data for contact requests:
    1. User-ID of the user who started the request
    2. The type of the request
    3. The text of the request
    4. The ID of the DM which was send to the user by the bot
    5. Other internal data which is not related to the user in anyway
  4. Stored data for User-Voicechannels:
    1. User-ID of the user who created the voicechannel
    2. The ID of the created voicechannel
    3. The guild-ID where the channel was created
    4. The ID of the message sent by the bot
    5. The ID of the channel where the bot sent the message
  5. Deleting of data:
    1. For servers: All data stored for a server will be deleted as soon as the bot is removed from the server.
    2. For users: To delete your data, please contact the owner using the contact command to request deletion!

All this data is stored in an offline-database on a server hosted by the owner. This means, only the owner could access the data.
All stored data is only stored for bot features and may not be passed to third parties for advertising or other purposes.

The owner reserves the right to change the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at any time, but will notify the users on the Support server